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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

my new crush...

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

aids aids aids

the other thing, i can´t believe i forgot to tell you this, there isn´t a group that would appreciate it more. the first day we got to san cristobal we were exhasted and found our way to the tv and computer room. no shit, someone put ´´team america´´ in right as we walked in. isn´t that great? i had to come to mexico to see the whole movie.

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Pining for green chiles

The other day Kate was over at our new place and had brought along an ad for a restaurant she found. It read, "Green chile, green chile, green chile! A million New Mexicans can't be wrong!" It was the highlight of my day. Needless to say I've missed green chiles.

So we decided that this fine morning we would head down with our DC guests, AdamEliseandSimon, to the Golden West Cafe. We weaved around Johns Hopkins University to get to Hampden -- a Baltimore neighborhood unified in its love of kitsch -- where Golden West sat on what's known as in Hampden as the "Avenue." And as we entered my excitement grew even greater. The place was tastefully adorned with 'junque.' Pine cones hanging from the ceiling, tacky lounge records in the bathroom, a can of glass frosting with the 'gl' scratched off amidst corny mugs setting on a shelf. The service was quite friendly and accommodated our ramshackle, groggy, and indecisive group of seven. The menu was impressive, including traditional favorites -- pancakes, breakfast burrito, heuvos rancheros -- as well as inspired unconventional items -- breakfast polenta. The green chiles were even shipped from Albuquerque!

But then things went sour. We grew cranky waiting for our food. Running out of gossip of impregnations we consumed more and more coffee and became even more frazzled. And it wasn't that our table was being shunned, no one had been served. Exasperated, Adam gave a worker an effective look (i.e. glare) and it was explained to us that there were some new 'heads' in the kitchen, hence the delay. The food finally came and the presentation was nice, but the burrito was a disappointment. The tortilla ends were folded in making for a chewy undesirable section at the ends and inside the browning process was taken a little too far leaving sections a little blackened. And worst of all the sea of green chile surrounding the burrito was lackluster at best. There was little to no heat and little to no flavor. So this is just to say, don't take easy access to wonderful green chiles for granted.

Thursday, September 07, 2006

only 20 minutes

we´re in mexico! day 5 of travelling and i still really love it. every morning we leave our lovely haven of a hostel to do some exploring, then we come back at night and play cards with our varoius new friends and sometimes drink some really cheap liquor (17 pesos--$1.70 for a large bottle of who the hell knows what). i really like the hostel scene. based on the people that we´ve met, it seems safe to assume that every white person travelling in mexico is either german or israeli. seriously. and amandashort, i hate to admit this too you, it seems like a betrayal, or something that could end our friendship, but i really like the germans i´ve met.

yesterday we travelled to two small mayan villages with a guy named alex, a few germans, and two israelis. one of the churches we went to was really interesting, they kind of gave the catholic church a big, ´fuck you´and have been picking and choosing what they like about catholicism. coke is sacred because belching releases bad things from your body, medicine men and women kill chickens in the church to rid illness, and everytime the guy in the back shouts something, about 5 guys who otherwise grind gunpowder run out and light firecrackers. and there was music, it was such a party.

i´ve decided that the quality of your gifts will directly correspond to how often i hear from you. why isn´t anyone blogging?

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Crashing Into Baltimore

all the bikes at kate and julia's placeSo Stan and myself have been in Baltimore for about a week and a half (Thanks to Kate and Julia!!). We've been drinking lots of Natty Boh, biking around Baltimiore, and doing lots of apartment searching and job hunting. We just found out yesterday that we got an apartment in Charles Village near Johns Hopkins University. Stan has an interview set up for two weeks from now (planning ahead!) meanwhile he has been working very hard selling his body to science. I had an interview today at Record and Tapes Traders, which looks promising.

I also nearly died yesterday, which was exciting. I was biking down a windy leaf covered hill and realized I couldn't make the turn. I braked but my back wheel skidded out precariously so I decided to aim for a crash landing on the side of the road. I hit a rock at the edge of the road, flew off my bike, did a flip, and landed 10 or 15 yards later. Fortunately I avoided all the trees and rocks and nothing was seriously damaged, only a few layers of skin taken off my big toe. Wahoo!

Thursday, August 03, 2006

(more sipping)

ok, blogging take two. i've been suffering some serious writer's block, so i grabbed a mirror pond pale ale from the fridge. maybe this will do the trick. (sounds of sipping) ahhh.

things that have happened since leaving abq: (more sipping)
--gram proved her youthfulness by chasing a bear away from the campsite (fellow camper to my uncle "did you see that old gal chase that bear?!" uncle--"that was my mother-in-law" and later, gram, "old gal?!")
--it didn't rain on our backpacking trip
--i hiked across the tetons, and it was great (sorry mike), minus the blisters
--(more sipping) i almost died on the snake river (it occurs to me that so far, this slight exaggeration is the only thing interesting enough to require more story telling...) so. some cousins and i were on a raft cruising some excellent rapids looking forward to the big kuhuna. "don't go straight into the big kuhuna, stay just to the right". we went straight in, causing an entire side of the boat (minus one cousin) to bounce a few feet in the air before crashing into the water. mass confusion followed, but when it comes down to it, everyone was pulled back into the boat except me. somehow i still had my stupid paddle and i was headed towards more large rapids. i kept looking back, smiling, but muttering under my breath, "when in the hell are you going to come get me. paddle faster bitches!". alas, no one was coming to my rescue. i put my feet up and prepared for the worst. i was pulled under three more times, i was quite panicky at this point and had a hard time breathing. it was scary. post rapids they managed to save me, ptl. oh, and i was bleeding. not badly, but there was blood. of course, i loved all of this in many ways, i mean, it makes for a longer blog.
--(whew, more sipping) i lost hardcore in a pingpong tournament (does that count as a sport?)
--had an uneventful drive to portland. followed by many lovely days with cousin jill.
--went to a jerry garcia birthday bash. deadheads are hardcore man.
--ooh, ate some betam konjo ethiopian food with my friend ben.

and i suppose this brings us to now, pre-camping trip in the oregon mountains. i love vacation. (more sipping) i've found myself with large amounts of time by myself the past few days. then i start missing all of you. thank you thank you for the amazing sending. that party was so very excellent, i felt well loved. i mean, the cop was a nice touch, did someone pre-arrange that? anyway, before the monkey barges into my blog...


Tuesday, July 18, 2006

The Mountain Goat’s Eulogy to those who travel far from us.

Upon waking at 5am on Monday in a cold panic because my research paper was yet uncompleted, I discovered the meaning of terror... For a brief moment, I was awake, adrenalin pumping, thoughts of “classwide peer tutoring and their effects on academic performance” scurrying around in my head coliding with dreams of a frontier breakfast burrito, while simultaneously mashing with imaginings of a heart-in-my-throat good-bye. But, this brief furry of cognitive functioning passed and I rolled over, alarm clock curled into the crook of my elbow, set for a later time when the sun would be shinning into my bedroom window.
And now at 8am in my blurry-eyed wakefulness I sit clutching coffee and proofreading something that may resemble a research paper…
But really…just for you, in the hauntingly-nasal voice of the Mountain Goats, “on the morning when I woke up, without you, for the first time...I wondered through the house like a little boy, lost in a bubble, and an astronaut could have see the hunger, in my eyes from space. And I sang oh what’ll I do, what’ll I do, what’ll I do with out you…”
*CLANG*CLANG*CLANG* enter talking monkey, playing his castanets.
“What the f*#@ing H. are you doing!?!” yells the talking monkey [I have never seen him with his panties in such a bundle – his face has turned a disturbing watermelon color and as he shouts I get a blast of his breath that smells of rotting bananas and apathy…bad scene!]
“I had to f*#@ing enter early playing my castanets to distract from this curiously sentimental sh*#!”
“oh my monkey. This is embarrassing. Um, how about we just end the scene. [in whisper] Anyway, I think we need to bring the baby jesus an offering – I’d like to have a little say in today’s weather…”